Warning: This Jumanji Fan Theory Could Change Everything

by : UNILAD on : 08 Oct 2015 19:02
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Fan theories are all over the internet, and with little wonder.


Films have plot holes, endings are left open to interpretation, and more than that, people want to speculate.

That’s why Reddit is such a goldmine for things like that, and one theory about popular kids film Jumanji, staring Robin Williams, could well change everything.

One Redditor thinks that the main antagonist from the film, Van Pelt, and Alan’s dad are the same person – and not just because they’re played by the same actor. No, it goes far deeper than that.



So the theory, from Naomi Jaye Readman, goes like this:

After finding out Van Pelt and Alan’s Father are played my the same person, this cool theory came to mind. When a life stems off into an alternate reality for whatever reason, the game is a tool to get that life back on the right path, it comes from an alternate reality to fix what should have been.. Stay with me here…

The game is essentially a tool of sorts, to help Alan learn to stand up for himself, stop running, realise his true future and ‘be a man’. The movie starts with Alan being bullied, running away, getting his friend fired, running away again, and finally running from his father telling him to stand up for himself and be a man, after saying he never wants to see his father again. Then he hears the drumming.


Find the game… Sarah, his should be future wife, is the one to play with him, because their fate is to be together, and jumanji is the tool to realign their destinies. Alan gets sucked into the game and Sarah stops playing, causing the alternate(wrong) timeline to continue for a further few decades with Alan trapped in a deadly jungle that never kills him. The game itself and everything in it is designed to help Alan.. Van pelt, the main bad guy, is played by THE SAME GUY as alans father, who dies while alans in the game.

Meaning Van Pelt IS Alans dad, but the warped over macho hunter that Alan feels his dad wanted him to be. The first thing Van Pelt says to Alan when he’s released is ‘Stop running and face me like a man!’.. The kids peter and Judy hear the drumming from the game because they are also affected by the alternate timeline, their parents died when then shouldn’t have and they shouldn’t be there..

So the game calls to them. Then near the end when Alan finally stand up to van pelt (his dad, his bullies, and responsibilities), Van Pelt commends him, alan rolls the winning number, the game ends, and everything is undone and they are back to the start, exactly the same, appart from the lessons they learned, back on their true paths to live their life the way they were meant too…

It’s not just a game, its a cosmic realignment tool!?!


So there you have it.

It might be deep, but if you really think about it, the theory certainly has some merit to it, and dare we say, even a bit of logic behind it.

It’s certainly nicer to think about than one fan theory about Phoebe and her role in the ending of Friends!

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