WWII Veteran Army Commando Shows Off His Knife Skills In Brutal Video

Trooper-Stan-Scott-3-CommandoTrooper Stan Scott circa Sept/Oct 1944

In this video Trooper Stan W Scott, No. 3 Army Commando, shows how the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife can be put to deadly use.

According to army website Breach Bang Clear, Scott fought in A Section, 3 Troop, No. 3 Commando during World War II, taking part in numerous large operations.

He landed on the beach on D-Day, before going on to consolidate the area around Pegasus Bridge near Benouville, as well as taking part in assault crossings at five different rivers – the Maas, Rhine, Weser, Aller and Elbe.

Trooper-Stan-Scott-3-Commando-2Stephane Saint-Martin

Scott also helped liberate the Belsen concentration camp, before being captured by the Germans at Honfleur.

In later life he became Chairman of the Commando Veterans Association, but unfortunately passed away on the 25th June 2014.

The video is originally from 2011, but has been doing the rounds again online recently.

Warning, contains fairly graphic descriptions of how to fuck someone up with a knife:

RIP Trooper Stan Scott, a true hero and absolute badass!