Watch As Kanye West Auditions For Final Season Of American Idol

American Idol

After 15 years American Idol is on the way out, hopefully prompting a similar fate for X Factor on this side of the pond, but it does still have a few surprises up it’s sleeve.

In October of last year, while auditions were ongoing, a humble rapper from the south side of Chicago appeared before judges and told them of how he was battling against people who never believed in him.

You may not think it from that description, but that man was in fact Kanye West.

Footage from the Yeezus rapper’s audition has now been released as the show’s 15th season is set to air tomorrow, and it is a damn entertaining watch.

Check it out.

Credit to Kanye, his tongue-in-cheek description of his career to date demonstrated a humour not often attributed to the self-proclaimed ‘greatest living rock star of all time’.

I definitely prefer Gold Digger with a beat, J-Lo certainly doesn’t seem to mind though.