Watch As Parents Break Kids’ Hearts With Truth About Santa


These children legitimately follow the five stages of grief when their parents cruelly reveal the truth about Santa’s non-existence.

A couple of the kids hilariously jump to denial, accusing their parents of ignorance and deceit, while others go straight to acceptance, admitting they already knew.

One of the best is the sassy girl in a long skirt who passive aggressively denies her parent’s confession, treating them like they’re being foolish.


You can see some of the children’s complete disbelief at the fact that their parents had been eating their freshly-baked cookies.

One kid challenges his dad to name all the reindeer (which he obviously can’t), using that as proof that he can’t be Santa…he’s got a point.

It’s a great watch and some of these kids need to go into comedy or something.

This video is going to be absolute gold to show to them when they grow up.