Watch Battlefield 1’s Bizarre Pigeon Mission In Action



You know what? When DICE first unveiled Battlfield 1, all I could think was that it was gonna immerse me in the ways of the pigeon like never before. 

That’s a lie of course. I don’t think anybody could have seen this piece of gameplay for the WWI shooter coming, but here it is. What a time to be alive.

Early on in the single player campaign, there’s a mission called Through Mud and Blood. Your tank crew is overcome by enemy forces, and things are looking bleak.

So obviously, the team decides to release a pigeon back to HQ with the required coordinates to call in an artillery strike. I should point out that they actually did this during the war and that it wasn’t the work of some errant lunatic solider.

Rather than a simple cutscene, we’re treated to an elaborate sequence in which we become the bird, flying back through a series of floating rings to complete the objective. Check it out below.

So… that’s a thing that happens in Battlefield 1. Hopefully they’ve included a mode in which you can play through the whole campaign as this bad motherfucker of a pigeon.