WATCH: British Millionaire Crashes Supercar Into Crowd And Injures 20 People

car1Times of Malta

A British millionaire, Paul Bailey, has crashed his supercar into a crowd of people during a rally in Malta. 20 people have been left injured and five of them are in a critical condition. 

Times of Malta and report that Mr Bailey was driving his $1.62 million Porsche 918 Spyder when it clipped the grass, spun out of control, and crashed through a fence into nearby spectators.

Majority of people injured are suffering from fractures and cuts, but a six year-old girl is one of the five people in a critical condition.

Here is footage of the crash:

Plus another video of the aftermath and those left injured:

Mr Bailey owns 76 cars and brought four of them to the charity event in Malta.

I have no idea what his experience level is when it comes to driving these supercars at rallies, but the incident makes it seem like he was under-qualified to say the least.

Did he make a donation to the event that allowed him to drive? Not sure. Can’t find much information about this around at all. It’s dreadful though and I hope the five people in critical condition come out alive.

The barriers put up by event organisers are a disgrace too.


The 1.6 million dollar Porsche after the crash.


Five people are in critical condition.