Watch Daniel Radcliffe Nail His First ‘Harry Potter’ Audition In Adorable Video

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Unless you’ve been living under a massive rock since the turn of the millennium, you’ll be aware that Daniel Radcliffe is an actor who also happened to play one of the biggest child roles of all time, Harry Potter.


To many of us, Radcliffe has been Harry Potter ever since the film’s debut in 2001 – but that wasn’t always the case.

Everyone’s favourite boy wizard had to audition for the role first, and luckily for us, his as-adorable-as-expected audition tape has resurfaced again.


The tape starts out with Radcliffe chatting with an off-screen Hagrid about the dragon egg that we see in The Philosopher’s Stone, before he gets rather serious speaking about his deceased parents in a darker Prisoner of Azkaban scene.


His fate is basically sealed when he tries on Harry’s signature round glasses and looks like the perfect Potter.

But it wasn’t easy sealing Radcliffe as everyone’s favourite boy wizard – even Ook the owl was given the role of Hedwig before Daniel Radcliffe was cast.

According to an article by the Telegraph, the casting director, Susie Figgis, was unable to convince his parents that playing The Boy Who Lived wouldn’t eclipse his childhood and adolescence.

When she resigned, the film’s producer David Heyman ran into Radcliffe’s father at a theatre by fluke and was then introduced to Radcliffe.

He recalled: “It was all the clichés – lightning struck and the skies opened! All through the second half of the play, I couldn’t concentrate. The Radcliffes left before I had a chance to speak to them, so I had a very sleepless night before calling Alan the next morning.”

You can watch Radcliffe’s magical audition here. We solemnly swear that it’s definitely worth watching:


Yup, he nailed it.

Thank you, 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe.

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