Watch Dizzee Rascal School Americans On The History Of Grime

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If you’re from the UK then you have probably been aware of the grime scene for some time now, but it is a developing genre across the pond in America.

So when Dizzee Rascal appeared on Sway’s radio show, Sway in the Morning, it was no surprise that Dizzee was bombarded with questions to explain the scene and its history.


Explaining how grime came about and his early career he said:

[Grime is] soundsystem culture. That’s basically what it is, yeah. Me personally: I grew up listening to drum’n’bass, UK garage – which originally came from America. I listened to hip-hop. I listened to grunge, too. First off I was a drum’n’bass DJ. I mixed records, then eventually I started MCing. So I learned to rap fast. I learned to rap at like 170bpm first, then I slowed down later. You had the drum’n’bass scene, then the UK garage scene took over, and we were kind of on the back-end of the UK garage scene.

When the UK garage scene got a bit bouji and the clubs wouldn’t let us in – the hooded kids with the trainers, you know how it is? We were trying to get into the clubs and we couldn’t get in, so eventually we did our own thing – making our own music and our own beats.

You had people like me, Wiley, Roll Deep, More Fire Crew, N.A.S.T.Y Crew, Ruff Squad – all over London, with different pirate radio stations. It’s a pirate radio based scene.

I was really influenced by Three Six Mafia. Tracks like “I Love U” – I had tracks before that where I actually sampled Three Six Mafia – but “I Love U” was my first attempt at doing the whole “I, I, I, love you”. That’s how they repeated their hooks. So crunk, what ended up becoming trap now, I was on to that then. That’s what I was hugely influenced by.

And then he took on the Five ‘Fingers of Death’ challenge, freestyling over five different beats…


Well I think it’s fair to say Dizzee smashed that performance.

Here is the Fix Up Look Sharp artists appearance in full:

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