Watch Dogs 2 Drops Explosive Launch Trailer



Watch Dogs 2 is nearly upon us, and to remind the good folk of the world, Ubisoft has put out a new launch trailer for hack-happy adventure game. 

Right from the off, the launch trailer establishes itself as everything the first Watch Dogs wasn’t – namely bright, colourful, stylish, and fun.

Check it out below.

In Watch Dogs 2 we take control of Marcus Holloway who, after being wrongly profiled as a criminal risk thanks to big data, decides to join up with a group of hackers called DedSec and tackle corporate corruption head on.

The game deals with some pretty lofty issues, such as the problem of big data, invasion of privacy and racial profiling – of course, if you can’t be arsed with that you can just steal cars and hack phones to fuck with people.

Set on the sunny streets of San Francisco, Watch Dogs 2 is a vastly improved game from the disappointing original. At least, that’s what I thought during my initial hands on with the title, which you can read here ahead of the full review.


Watch Dogs 2 releases November 15, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Regardless of how you felt about the original, this one could well be worth your time.