Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Leaks Ahead Of Official Reveal

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Jun 2016 09:33

The season of leakage continues, as the trailer for Watch Dogs 2 trickles out ahead of Ubisoft’s intended official livestream reveal.


A release date and image were leaked a few days back, thanks to an advert that went out early on IGN. Now, an advert on Twitch has let slip the entire trailer and confirmed the release date to be November 15.

The trailer also confirms that the game will indeed be set in sunny San Francisco (unless there’s more than one Golden Gate Bridge out there), and will feature a new protagonist.

It’s currently unclear how the new game will link to the previous Watch Dogs, which was set in Chicago – that’s if the two games will be connected at all.


As you’d expect, the brief reveal features plenty of hacking action, guns, and even what appears to be a riot or two. It’s like a night out in South London (but with a fair bit more hacking).


The trailer was captured in the wild and then posted to Twitter by user Fobwashed – you can check it out for yourself below.

Since Ubisoft has removed any versions that made their way on to YouTube, I can’t help but feel someone somewhere is getting a bollocking for putting the trailer out early. A moment of silence for that poor soul before we continue…

EDIT: The previous vid was taken down, so here’s another. Enjoy it while you can:

I would suspect that since Ubisoft have an entire livestream event planned, that this trailer is only a small part of the action – expect plenty more details on the gameplay and world of Watch Dogs 2 at 5pm (UK time) on June 8.


Of course, that’s only if we can get to 5pm without the entire game somehow accidentally being delivered to our houses early.

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