Watch Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Get Destroyed By Vandal In Disguise


LAPD are reportedly investigating after Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was destroyed with a pickaxe.

As reported by TMZ, James Otis disguised himself as a construction worker so as not to raise too many eyebrows as he savagely took the star apart.

Check it out:

Otis allegedly planned to auction off pieces of the star to raise money for for the legal defence of Trump accusers.

The self-proclaimed activist later released a video to explain his actions.

Otis told CNS:

It was very difficult. The stone was like marble, hard to get through. It would have taken an hour.

I’d like to try to go back and try to get the other part of the star. I just don’t know how to do that yet.


The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has claimed the stolen plaque is worth around $30,000, so Otis could face significant charges for his early morning destruction.

If only Donald had built a wall to protect it…