Watch Emotional Moment Hard-Working Caretaker Given Free Car By Kind Strangers


Footage has emerged capturing the emotional moment a couple hand over the keys to a car they bought for a stranger they had given a lift to a few weeks before.

Sean Merrill and his wife Darilyn were driving home at 9.45pm when they spotted Salt Lake City High School caretaker Robert Ford crossing in front of them. The footage shows an emotional Robert in shock when he is handed over the keys.


According to The Mirror, Sean said: 

I was stopped at a red light I saw a middle aged man walking through the crosswalk directly in front of my car. It was 9:45pm and this man seemed tired from a long days work, walking with lunch box in hand and a slight droop of the head. I felt a strong impression to stop and ask him if he needed a ride. My wife agreed, so I pulled over.


During their brief trip Robert told the friendly couple that he had missed his bus that day and that normally it takes him two and a half hours on public transportation to get to work and then the same amount of time to get back home again.

Following that meeting the couple – with the help of Robert’s sister-in-law Kathy – hatched a plan. They set up a GoFundMe account and began to try and raise enough cash to buy Robert a car and when Sean told friends on Facebook about the plan, people quickly donated over $2,000. Sean, a professional mechanic then found a car and fixed it up before driving it round to Robert’s house and handing over the keys.


In an emotional statement Robert said it felt like someone up above was looking out for him. His two hour commute has now been reduced to about a half hour:

If it wasn’t for them, I’d be still riding the bus. I owe them a lot, and I’m going to do my best … to help somebody else.

Awesomely heartwarming stuff.