WATCH: Flight Attendant Bullies Lady And Gets Her Kicked Off Plane

by : UNILAD on : 13 Oct 2015 05:07

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It’s that time of the day again online. Maverick justice time! Oh this is a juicy one folks. It involves a misunderstanding, tears being shed, and an infuriating abuse of what little power one bloke has in his job. 


Word on the internet street (on the glorious freeways of YouTube and Reddit to be precise) is that this AAL flight attendant wanted a lady to move outta the way, she didn’t hear him, he raised his voice on her like a fucken school teacher, she got upset, told a colleague of his, and then he returned with a vengeance to have her removed.

Yep, these are grown adults we’re talking about here *cue Limp Bizket…it’s all about the he says, she says buuuullshit!*

The woman is audibly distressed in the video. I thought there was about to be an uprising from the people on the flight. Their reactions make it seem like the assumedly over-worked, sleep deprived flight attendant was no doubt in the wrong.

It’s a shame he didn’t listen to the crowd and change his decision. He rules with an iron fist I guess.


It would have sincerely been embarrassing for the woman being kicked off, especially if it truly was over a minuscule miscommunication.

Have a watch for yourselves anyhow! Get fired up. Or not. That’s the beauty of the web.


To be clear, he had her removed from the plane while it was grounded. Always good to be clear.

American Airlines are now investigating this balls up.

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