Watch Johnny Depp Impersonate Donald Trump In Hilarious Parody Biopic

Funny Or Die

Johnny Depp is well versed in playing oddball characters with some severe personality disorders, so it’s only fitting that he be the man to play Donald Trump.

He has been presented with that opportunity by Funny Or Die in their biopic of the Republican presidential candidate.

The 50-minute movie is based on the business tycoon’s 1987 bestseller Trump: The Art of the Deal and it is absolutely hilarious.

Here’s the trailer:


Funny Or Die’s Adam McKay told the New York Times:

It was a crazy, completely nuts idea that somehow we pulled off.

According to The Times, Depp was involved with filming for four days in December, but it was no mean feat keeping the spoof under wraps.

Funny Or Die

Owen Burke, editor of Funny Or Die, revealed that producers originally thought Trump’s candidacy would be a flash in the pan and they’d have to put together the film very quickly.

As it panned out, Donald has astoundingly remained a credible candidate (I use the term loosely), giving them more time but increasing the pressure on keeping silent.

Burke said:

The plan was to move really fast because we thought Trump would go away, as least as a presidential candidate.

When he bizarrely didn’t go away, we had a little more time. But that meant keeping the secret for longer.

We had a few people sign nondisclosures, but mostly we just begged people not to say anything.

You can watch the full movie here, and it is well worth taking 50 minutes out of your day to do so.