Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Scare Jonah Hill, Prove He’s Prank King


Usually Leonardo DiCaprio can be found on a yacht, or at least in the general vicinity of one – but not on Monday, on Monday he was busy scaring the shit out of his bff Jonah Hill.

So for those who think love is dead, maybe this Hollywood bromance will cheer you up.

Everybody knows that Leo and Jonah have a strong friendship – they’ve appeared on Saturday Night Live and starred in The Wolf of Wall Street together. But their relationship really came alive on Monday.

It seems like the pair had plans to meet up on the mean streets of New York City, and instead of approaching Jonah calmly, Leo decided to run up to him holding his phone like he was a crazed fan or paparazzi.

Jonah gets the bejesus scared out of him before he realises it’s ‘just’ Leonardo Dicaprio:

And then they hug:

And hug:

And hug: