Watch Little Mix Singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock Storm Out Of Hilarious Radio Interview

by : Francesca Donovan on : 18 Oct 2016 16:17

Little Mix have dug themselves into a musical hole and one of the quartet, Leigh-Anne Pinnock wants out, according to this hilarious prank.

Although Little Mix‘s latest single Shout Out To My Ex drags their past relationships through the dirt, Pinnock was understandably unhappy to be asked about her personal life.


In a seemingly awkward interview with Capital FM‘s in-house prankster Ronan Kemp, the girl band was asked whether they let their exes know about the song’s content before releasing it.


Pinnock whispered something in band mate Perrie Edward’s ear before saying, ‘Inappropriate, wasn’t it?’

Kemp looked shocked at Pinnock’s response before apologising. That could have marked the end of the exchange, right? Wrong.


Pinnock, clearly irate, continued:

It gets on my nerves though when people ask things like that. Like why? We’re not here to talk about exes. I know the song’s called that but it’s like, can’t we talk about how it’s a positive thing? Do you know what I mean?

Just moments later, 25-year-old Pinnock stormed out of the studio followed by looks of concern from her bandmates, before re-entering with a full choir singing ‘Uptown Funk’.


Kemp quickly realised he’d been artfully pranked by the quartet who served him a dose of his own medicine.

With all the controversy that’s surrounded Shout Out To My Ex, we’re betting the Little Mix songstresses were grateful for the light relief.

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