WATCH: Man Attempts To Kill A Spider With Fire At A Gas Station

by : UNILAD on : 28 Sep 2015 03:45


On most occasions yelling “kill it! Kill it with fire!” is not such a bad suggestion. However, if that’s your defensive strategy at a petrol station there’s a solid chance it will backfire. 

A man was filling up his car in Michigan, U.S.A the other night and he noticed a spider crawling across his gas tank.


He quickly acts on his initial instinct, which is to grab his cigarette lighter and try to set the creepy crawly on fire. The whole area then lights up scarily fast.

The gas station attendant calmly hits the emergency button that stops dispensing gas, while Mr Fire-lighter makes a dash for an extinguisher.

Check out the video below to see the absurdity of this attempted spider murder. This reinforces my belief that the best way to take care of spiders is to whack ’em with a spare shoe…or just let ’em be and get on with your life.



The spider’s whereabouts remains unknown.

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