Watch Massive Python Attack Bloke That Climbed Into It’s Cage



What happens when you step inside the cage of three massive, grumpy AF pythons? Exactly what you’d expect.

But to prove the point here is Jay Brewer, who thinks nothing of the risks before jumping in with some of his ‘meanest’ specimens.

Jay may be smiling, but one snake in particular clearly wants him gone and isn’t shy about that fact…

How is he so happy about being repeatedly attacked?

The white python doesn’t fuck about, and goes directly for the face…


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

And if you can’t get the face then just go for the wrist – you may hit an artery…


The video was uploaded by prehistoricpetstv back in February of 2015 but has gone viral once more, amassing a total of 1.26 million views in the process.

Seems a bit unneccessary to irritate the beasts just to ask people what their favourite snakes are. Even more unneccesary to poke and prod at an animal that’s already pissed off, but hey Jay is the expert…