Watch Meek Mill Lose It As Somebody Holds Up A Drake Sign At His Gig



Meek Mill wasn’t happy that somebody held up a Drake sign at his Fool’s Gold performance last night, so called him out and sent one of his boys over to deal with him.

The beef between the two rappers is obviously still raw for Meek, and when he saw the Drake sign, he lost his shit.

He said: “Don’t come in here disrespecting Meek Mill. Don’t act like this the Internet. You standing next to a shooter now. Put that Drake sign up again, you fucking clown.”

Meek sent his boy down to stand next to the guy with the sign to intimidate him, so he could ‘see how high he hold that bitch all night’. Damn. Must be scary having a guy standing next to you all night.

I wouldn’t be too worried if I was the fella with the sign, though. Even if Meek Mill WAS going to do anything, he’d take so long to reply you’d be well out of the way by then anyway.