Watch Michael J. Fox’s Incredible Live Johnny B. Goode Performance


You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well, listen to this!

Back to the Future is full of iconic moments but none are more memorable than Marty McFly’s epic rendition of Johnny B. Goode.

It’s a pretty well known fact that Michael J. Fox actually did play the song (even if it was dubbed over) and it seems that suffering from late stage Parkinson’s disease hasn’t dampened his incredible musical talents.

Last night at MetLife Stadium, Fox joined Coldplay to shred through Johnny B. Goode for the packed crowd – and they loved it!

Michael was so good on the guitar that it seemed that even Chris Martin was struggling to keep up with the Back to the Future star.

Fox first began to show early signs of Parkinsons, a degenerative nerve disease, while filming Doc Hollywood in 1991 – but he was only properly diagnosed with the illness the year after.

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In 1998, Fox went public with his illness and has been a prominent ambassador for Parkinson’s disease research and support ever since, going so far as to set up his own foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The foundation was created to help advance promising research into the cure for the disease, most notably embryonic stem cell studies.

After the show Chris Martin said: “That’s our dream come true. Thank you, Michael. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man.”

We wonder if Marvin Berry was watching the show?