Watch Moment Bushman ‘Humanely’ Kills Octopus By Biting Into Its Face


Warning: Graphic Content

Killing an octopus with nothing but your bare hands is a lesson we’ve all longed to be taught. No? Well, this guy thought he’d teach the world anyway…

Josh James – AKA the Kiwi Bushman – demonstrates how to force an octopus to shuffle off its mortal coil with nothing but his teeth.

Basically, he bites down until he has reached the creature’s brain…

The Mirror suggested James believed the act to be the ‘humane’ method of butchering the octopus.

It’s all over pretty quickly, and the method is clearly effective – but there is something about biting an animal to death that doesn’t seem all that humane.

James explains in the video:

Just got an octopus today, these things are really good eating’ – but that you have to freeze them before cooking to change the texture.

To kill them, you bite them right between the eyes… because that’s where the brain is.


He continued:

There you go, you see he was wiggling around before now he’s dead as.

Now that folks, is how you kill and octopus.

What do you reckon, humane or not?