Watch Out For Google Street View If You’ve ‘Quit’ Smoking

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jul 2015 11:32


If you’re a smoker with a non-smoking partner, you’ll know the struggles of quitting. They’ll never understand how hard it is to pack it in and they’ll sure as hell smell you a mile off if you have a cheeky one.


But Donny Riding (great name) from the Wirral was caught out in one of the most unlikely of ways – after a Google Street View car drove past him while he had a sneaky fag in his garden in Leasowe.

His wife, Julie, happened upon the hilarious image of him when she decided to check out their street on the popular mapping website.


However, perhaps ‘hilarious’ is a bit strong, as Julie told the Liverpool Echo that he originally quit smoking after suffering a heart attack:


He’d been told to give up smoking and to stop eating unhealthy foods after he had a heart attack.

I cleaned his car out for him and I found loads of Hobnob biscuits in there. I confronted him and he denied it and he wouldn’t admit to it.

He stormed out of the house and then later that day we’d heard that the street view camera was driving around. When I checked it online I couldn’t believe it – there was no denying it now we’d seen it.

There you have it, everything happens for a reason. And Google Street View WILL catch you out if you’re putting your life in danger…

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