Watch Politician Protest E-Cig Ban On Planes By Vaping During Congress Debate

by : UNILAD on : 13 Feb 2016 16:25

A U.S congressman has hit back at vaping critics during a Capitol Hill debate about vaping on airplanes in a pretty direct way.

California representative Duncan Hunter – an outspoken supporter of vaping – could be seen enjoying his very own e-cig during a House Committee on Transportation’s discussion over banning the gadgets during flights, reports the Mirror.

As he does so, a woman sitting next to him can be seen wafting her hand in disgust as the mist drifts into her face.



Hunter can be heard to say:

This is a vapouriser, there’s no combustion, there’s no carcinogens. What the gentlelady did not say is smoking has gone down as the use of vapourisers have gone up.

This has helped thousands of people quit smoking, it has helped me quit smoking. There’s nothing noxious about this whatsoever.

Hunter, a Republican, has become a prominent supporter of e-cigarettes since he wrote an op-ed piece last year. He claims that within the next decade people will be able to inhale ibuprofen, prozac and any other medication they may need.


He goes on to say:

The way that this amendment is written you wont be able to have an asthma inhaler or a nebuliser, you won’t be able to inhale anything. These things are the future.

Sadly for him, it seems not. The amendment by Democrat, Eleanor Holmes Norton, was passed by the committee, meaning Hunter will have to resist the urge to vape on a plane next time he boards a flight.

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    Politician protests against banning e-cigarettes on planes by VAPING during committee hearing