Watch Previously Unseen Footage Of Paul Walker Driving Nissan GT-R


Previously unseen footage of the late Paul Walker has been released showing the Fast and Furious star driving a modified R35 GT-R .

The surprisingly heartbreaking video demonstrates Paul’s genuine excitement and passion for cars, as he drives the 600 horse power car around Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, AutoBlog reports.

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The actor can barely suppress his grin when he opens up the engine and listens to the engines roar. Of course due to his untimely death in a car accident in 2013 the video’s tinged with sadness, especially when you see him so thrilled and filled with life.

The video was released by GTChannel, who discovered the allegedly unused footage of Paul visiting the world-renowned GT-R performance shop, Mine’s Motor Sports.

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They decided to share the video as a tribute to ‘Paul’s passion for cars, good humour, and a reminder of the gravity of such a loss’.

All proceeds from the video will be donated to the Paul Walker Foundation, a charity launched by Paul’s daughter as a tribute to his enduring legacy.