Watch Seth Rogen And Bryan Cranston Perform Dramatic Reading Of ‘Hotline Bling’

W magazine/YouTube

‘Hotline Bling’ has been one of the items from 2015 that was simply too hard to ignore, you will have been exposed to it one way or another.

It has spawned countless memes and parodies, even Donald Trump had a go.

It may not have received any Grammy nominations but who knows, with a bit of tweaking from actors like Seth Rogen And Bryan Cranston it could grab an Oscar.

W magazine/YouTube

Along with 11 other celebs, the Knocked Up and Breaking Bad stars remove the beat and turn Drake’s hit into a powerful dramatic reading.

Prepare to hear the lyrics of ‘Hotline Bling’ on a whole other level.

Check it out.

Funny stuff, but I do find myself now craving a binge on Breaking Bad.