Watch Steve-O Obliterate His Ankles During Port-O-Potty Car Crash


Warning: Distressing Content

Yesterday, Steve-O shared the news that he had pretty much destroyed the bones in one ankle and one heel – and now we know how he did it.

In footage shared by TMZ, the circus trained stuntman can be seen attempting to jump from the top of a port-o-potty, before a car ploughs through it, and land on his skateboard.

He fails multiple times, with each effort ending worse than the last, until the moment Steve is left in a crumpled heap wondering why his foot isn’t pointing in the right direction.

Check it out (although, be warned, the footage isn’t for the faint of heart):

Well, that didn’t look fun…

Mr O has since had surgery to piece the bone back together and is now on the road to recovery, but as a recovering drug addict, it could be a painful road as Steve-O will not be using any painkillers.


Wishing you a full recovery Steve!