Watch The ‘Holy Roller’ Priest Who Was Suspended For Riding A Hoverboard


A fun-loving Catholic priest in the Philippines has been suspended after he delivered his Christmas Eve sermon while riding a hoverboard.

The holy roller, named as Father Albert San Jose, has been suspended from his post at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Binan Parish, Philippines as a result of his festive stunt.

Showing a distinct lack of a sense of humour, the Diocese of San Pablo has labelled his antics ‘a violation of the highest form of worship.’ But the congregation didn’t appear to share the Catholic Church’s stance, applauding as he wheeled his way to the altar whilst singing a Christmas song.


The church said in a statement posted on its Facebook page: 

The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the Church’s highest form of worship, not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get attention.

According to the Guardian, Father Albert has apologised for the stunt and will now take some time out to reflect on his actions – sounds like he’s been sent to the naughty step.

Comments on the church’s statement suggest that not everyone shares their outrage, with Facebook user Brian Hughes commenting:

Look at the faces of the kids? I agree with the formalities of mass but there is something to be said about making yourself approachable. The ‘People’s Pope’ seems to be very approachable, granted it is without the use of a hoverboard.

I couldn’t agree more – the guy was just trying to have a laugh, C of E would’ve loved it.