Watch The Moment Handcuffed Prisoner Escapes From Court

by : UNILAD on : 08 Feb 2016 18:12


An American courthouse has been forced to review its security measures after an inmate managed to stroll out of the building.


According to the Daily Mirror, Gerald Hyde II escaped Benton County Courthouse in Washington State in December 2015 having been convicted of drug offences.

He was taken from the courtroom by guards but reappeared on his own less than a minute later and made his move for the door.

Hyde removed his prison-issue shirt and used it to hide his handcuffs, then he abandoned his bright orange slippers in the hallway.


Sadly for Hyde, his freedom was short-lived and police recaptured him after just two hours.

Commander Jon Law of Benton County Sheriff’s Office told NBC that Hyde had evaded officers by utilising a corridor he described as a ‘blind spot’.

He added:

In a perfect world we would have caught it and he wouldn’t have been able to get to that void and blind spot. I would call that human error.

I’d call it a monumental fuck up for a courthouse, but that’s just semantics I guess.

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Daily Mirror
  1. Daily Mirror

    Handcuffed prisoner brazenly walks out of court after escaping officers' clutches in 'blind spot'