Watch This Delirious Girl’s Hilarious Star Wars Outburst While High On Painkillers

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Massive Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Ahead!

The menacing Kylo Ren may have terrified Star Wars audiences the world over but we imagine even the fallen Jedi will be watching his back when he learns of one girl’s promised revenge.

The Mirror reports that, in the funny video, this girl swears vengeance on Kylo – for impaling his dear dad Han Solo in the sci-fi epic – while high on anaesthesia after she had a wisdom tooth extracted.

Howling with grief, she cries ‘He (Han Solo) was my friend,’ as she lies back on the sofa. The clearly out of it woman weeps and wails, before boldly claiming: “I’m going to kill the bastard, I’m going to kill him (Kylo Ren).”

Her parents stifle their laughter as she reiterates her promise to avenge the fallen smuggler.

In the side-splitting footage, she adds: “I’m going to get in my spaceshift.” [sic] The anaesthesia makes the delirious woman lose further touch with reality and she stops wailing before telling the person holding camera, “I’m Chewbacca!” before rather poorly imitating the Wookie’s famous roar.


The funny clip has been viewed more than 45,000 times since it was posted on Live Leak.

We hope that Snoke and the First Order have Kylo Ren well hidden from the girl’s wrath!