Watch This Hacker Dominate Everyone In Battlefield 1



Battlefield 1 is available to play pretty much right now via EA Early Access, but some people have been greeted by hacking jackasses before the game’s even launched. Great.

As noted by PC Gamer, a hacker was running around aimbotting his fellow players at the end of last week, earning himself a swift ban from the game.

Thankfully, before the jerk got his comeuppance, PC Gamer captured footage of his antics. Check it out below.

The dude pulls off impossible shot after impossible shot, hitting heads through impenetrable walls with his aimbot. This is worrying to note since the game is still in early access and people have already found ways to cheat.

Soon after the game, Redditor detuscan shared this screenshot of the same username – IHUniverse – getting a good kicking from the server for his cheating ways.


Unfortunately – at present – he only received a ban from that specific server and can still play the game regardless of how many times he is removed – there’s always another server after all.

Hopefully EA and DICE manage to get on top of these hackers before the game is fully released this week. I’ll never understand what’s fun about hacking a game like this? It’s kind of pathetic, and saps any and all fun from those around you. Hackers suck!