UPS Driver Caught On Camera Losing His Absolute Shit With Packages

by : UNILAD on : 18 Dec 2015 16:46

Alarming footage has emerged showing a UPS delivery driver throwing and kicking boxes out of the back of his van and across the ground.


The incident took place at a delivery centre in Oahu, Hawaii and the mobile phone footage shows the unnamed and seemingly pretty uncaring delivery driver trying to remove various packages from the back of his truck by kicking or carelessly throwing them onto the ground.


While the video is too far away to see how many packages contained fragile items, you can hear someone shout, “Oh, broken!” as the driver booted some of the boxes about.

When UPS found out, it took swift action stating:


This is not how we train our drivers. We identified the driver, took corrective action and have been engaged with the customer at this delivery location. On average, UPS delivers more than 18 million packages each day, a number that can double during the busy holiday season. Mistakes – both human and machine – are made.


Not sure you could class that as a human mistake, more like a human not giving a shit? He must have got the training video mixed up with the opening scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

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