WATCH: Two Pro Poker Players Had A Brutally Bloody $100,000 MMA Fight

by : UNILAD on : 25 Apr 2016 13:31

Two professional poker players have thrown in their chips and taken to the ring for a $100,000 MMA fight.


Back in September 2015, professional poker star Olivier Busquet issued an open challenge on Twitter for anyone to face him in an MMA match – with a $100,000 (£76,000) prize, reports PokerNews.com.

The challenge was accepted by another pro poker player, JC Alvarado, and after six months of training the pair fought it out in a surprisingly brutal contest.

Apparently Busquet was the favourite going into the fight as he was way bigger than Alvarado,  even though he hasn’t had any formal training and Alvarado has reportedly studied Brazilian Jui-Jitsu since 2011.


The pair took to the ring to fight for the six-figure stakes at the Syndicate MMA gym in Las Vegas.


Both guys appeared in surprisingly good shape and managed to remain competitive throughout the fight, however it was Busquet who came out on top.

He used a rain of vicious looking ground-and-pound strikes to Alvarado’s face, eventually beating his opponent at the end of the third round.


After returning to their corners Alvarado’s team decided to concede the fight, and Busquet was announced as the winner via technical knockout.

The guys managed an embrace in the centre of the cage after the official announcement and fair play to them, for non-pros that was an impressive display.

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