Watch Two Racist British Prison Inmates Partake In Disgusting Drugs Ritual


A shocking video shows two inmates of HMP Forest Bank in Salford, England fooling around with smuggled drugs.

The video shows one masked inmate passing the smuggled drugs, or ‘golden eggs’ through his system into another inmate’s mouth.

Yes, you understood correctly: This bizarre footage literally shows a guy shitting drugs into someone else’s mouth, presumably causing the whole gruesome passing to begin again… Just watch.

The video, which was shared with the outside world via Whatsapp, takes a dark turn when you pay attention to their muffled words. The masks barely hide their ignorant and racist slurs.

The first inmate, amid moronic clucking noises, says:

I am the Islamic turkey vulture… I am now going to feed my young; the Iranian mini turkey vulture.

Reports in the Mirror confirm that the trio of imbeciles proceed to yell ‘Allah Quackbar’ in a disgraceful mockery of the Islamic faith. They mimicked the phrase ‘Allahu Akbar’ which translates to mean ‘God is greater’.

While the prison authorities at the privately-owned prison in Greater Manchester are launching an investigation, the video shows the shocking reality of institutionalised drug-smuggling and racism, and how easy it is for inmates to get access to illegal means of communication such as mobile phones.