Woman Tries To Kiss Python, Gets Bitten In The Face In Brutal Video


This brutal video shows the horrifying moment a woman is bitten on the nose by a python.

The local Phuket News named the woman as 29-year-old Jin Jing and said she had been taken to Phuket international hospital where she received treatment for minor cuts and bruising to the nose.


The Chinese tourist was visiting an animal park in Phuket, Thailand when she decided to get up close and personal with the reticulated python. Jin and her friend leaned in for a kiss while two animal wranglers held onto the snake, when it suddenly struck and bit the woman on the nose – fortunately it was non-venomous.

Onlookers can be heard screaming in horror in the background as handlers try to get the python to release the woman. According to the Guardian the company that runs the snake shows has paid £2,200 in damages to the Chinese tourist, however it is not clear whether kissing the snake was part of the act or not.


Conditions for animals in Thai shows are notoriously inhumane with them often kept in poor conditions and paraded around in front of spectators.