Watching Marker Pens Get Destroyed In A Blender Is Not What You Might Expect At All


marker web

Watching anything be destroyed in a blender is actually pretty entertaining, so when you hear that various marker pens were thrown together and blended up, the end result promises to be a good one. Or so you might think.

Blendtec founder Tom Dickinson created the series of videos that blend stuff up and if I’m being honest, I imagined the result with the marker pens to be a little bit different.

The markers are all different colours, not your average black, so I was expecting a bit of a rainbow type effect.

marker 12

After watching the pens get blended, the result surprised me to say the least, with the pens ending up in one big black mess.

Dickinson also destroys various other things, including an Apple Watch and glow sticks, but come on, why would you want to blend an Apple watch or an iPod of all things.

They hardly come cheap do they.