Watching Ron Swanson From Parks & Rec Drink Whisky For 45 Minutes Is Gloriously Relaxing

Untitled-1YouTube/My Tales of Whisky Official

Nick Offerman’s character in hilarious U.S sitcom Parks & Recreation, Ron Swanson, is a man of few words.

He’s also a lover of breakfast foods, hunting, woodwork, meat and – most importantly – whisky. And it turns out Offerman and his TV character have a lot in common.

This glorious video features Offerman sitting next to a crackling festive fireplace, in a wood panelled room enjoying a fine bottle of whisky. In silence.

Like complete silence. He just sits there for 45 minutes enjoying the moment, and to be honest it’s probably the most relaxing thing I’ve ever seen.

Feeling stressed? just sit back, relax, and let the crackling silence of Offerman’s whisky enjoyment slide over your very essence. Or something…

I bet you feel better already.