Watching These Grandpas Tell Their Favourite Offensive Jokes Is Hilariously Awkward


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Everyone loves to spend a bit of time with their grandparents.

They feed you, they probably give you some cash and they certainly don’t ask as many questions as your parents do about why you still live in rented accommodation with your friends, are swiping right on Tinder and on a zero hour contract at the age of 24.

That might be the case, but for every over indulgent grandparent, there is also an offensive one, who tells off-colour jokes that you really wouldn’t want your friends to hear, and that certainly have you cringing.


That’s why seeing this video of a group of granddads sat together telling their favourite offensive jokes is so funny – and cringeworthy at the same time.

They also laugh at their own jokes, which is probably the nicest thing about the video, because who doesn’t love a bit of self appreciation?