Watching This Ten-Year-Old Cyst Get Popped Is Beyond NOPE


The internet is full of weird and wonderful things.

It’s also full of a whole load of NOPE at times, and this video has to be the only dose of gross you’re going to need this weekend, as one man gets a huge epidermoid cyst popped.

The cyst had been on the guy’s neck for a decade, and was so ‘attached’ to his cyst that he even named it Vom – in case you were wondering.


Sadly for Vom, the time came to be popped, and as you might imagine, given it’s been around for 10 long years, it’s accumulated a fair bit of puss and watching it get popped is utterly gross.

Of course the video was shared on Dr John Gilmore’s YouTube channel, because why not show everyone just how gross it actually is.