Wayne Rooney Drink Drive Girl Speaks Out For First Time

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Wayne Rooney will have woken up with the worst hangover you can imagine, with a side order of a media shit storm after he was charged for drink-driving a girl home.


Following a ten-hour alcohol fuelled bender, office worker Laura Simpson revealed she kissed and hugged the footballer before he offered to drive her home in her Volkswagen Beetle.

The Everton star’s pregnant wife Coleen was on holiday in Mallorca and is believed to have flown home on Friday night following the news of Wayne’s antics.

Here is an interview with Helen Wood, the prostitute that Wayne Rooney previously cheated on Coleen with…

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Lettings office manager Laura told MailOnline:

He kept admiring my clingy top and asking what size they were, saying “Are they real?” We had a kiss, a hug and some banter, harmless fun. I’m not a marriage wrecker.

I felt safe with Wayne, his driving was OK. We were on the road for 10-15 minutes and then we thought we saw flashing police lights so Wayne slowed down, he wasn’t speeding, and stopped at the side of the road.

There were two officers, I think and Wayne looked really worried. He turned and said to me ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you’ll be OK, I’m getting out of here’.

On reflection he was foolish for driving me car if he was over the limit, it was silly.

@LSimps10 / Twitter

She then told the Sun:

We were just driving and then there was just blue flashing lights behind us. Wayne was pi**ed right off. And really worried about it.

I didn’t know what to make of it, it all happened so fast. It was a whirlwind. I don’t know if it’s because I was that drunk but he didn’t seem that drunk to me.

@LSimps10 / Twitter

Rooney was out in Cheshire to give former Man United star Wes Brown a send off before he left to play in India where Rooney was reportedly dancing on tables and singing Oasis songs.

The footballer spent several hours in custody before being released on bail.


Rooney is due to appear at Stockport Magistrates Court on September 18.

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