We Could Soon Be Holidaying On The Moon, Where It’s Always Sunny

by : UNILAD on : 24 Mar 2016 11:47

It looks like the future could actually be upon us as the European Space Agency (ESA) has claimed its ‘moon village’ will allow tourists to stay there.


Johann-Dietrich Wörner, ESA director general, said holidaymakers will be invited to stay in the incredible lunar resort, reports The Mirror. 

The main use for the moon village will be for scientists, researchers and even miners who are likely to be interested in extracting minerals from the moon.

However, the lunar sun trap could offer sun-seekers the opportunity to bask in constant daylight – depending on where it is built.


Unfortunately for excited sun bathers, experts say wearing a bikini will probably not be advisable because of the incredibly high levels of solar radiation.

Currently, the base is likely to be constructed near the lunar poles to offer access to water for drinking and maybe swimming if the ESA decide to fit the base with a pool.


The extraterrestrial holiday camp could also be constructed on the ‘dark’ side of the moon which, despite its name, actually enjoys days which can last up to two weeks.

Obviously, a holiday in space is a pretty risky business. The ESA has warned potential tourists they could face exposure to solar radiation, micro meteorites and extreme temperatures – which actually sounds pretty similar to a week in Magaluf.


Mr Wörner said:

For this moon village, we would like to combine the capabilities of different space nations, be it robotic or human.

We would also look for different activities, but it science, business, tourism or mining.


As epic as it sounds, I reckon I’ll probably just stick to a week in Skegness.

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    ourist resort on the MOON will let brave holidaymakers bask in constant sunshine