We Spend Two Weeks Of Our Life Complaining Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 31 Aug 2017 10:26

If I had a quid for every time I heard somebody complain about slow internet, glitches in software or arguments over the air con, I’d be very rich.


And apparently, it’s a thing, a study has found the average worker spends the equivalent of two weeks complaining.

Researchers said the typical employee will find time to whinge about unnecessary all-staff emails, uncomfortable chairs, IT issues, air con temperature and printers.

Other issues include commuting, colleagues pulling sickies, receiving a phone call just as you’re about to leave, junk emails, being copied into emails that are of no concern and someone stealing your favourite mug.


And all this complaining apparently takes up a total of 20 minutes of the working day, which adds up to 100 minutes each week, a long time to be negative.

In addition, and I can vouch for these; when somebody stinks out the office microwaving their lunch, or turns on the freezing cold air conditioning.


IT issues form a major part of the top 50 list of grumbles – as workers complain about computers which are too slow or crash, printers jamming or breaking down and bad phone signal.

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Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of international animal charity SPANA, said:

It’s clear that there’s no shortage of annoyances in the workplace that raise people’s blood pressure on a daily basis.

From pointless meetings to colleagues who use your favourite mug, these frustrations seem to be part and parcel of office life in Britain.

It can be hard to keep a sense of perspective at times, but we should remember that most of these irritations are trivial and very minor compared to the tough working lives endured by working animals in developing countries around the world.

These animals often doing back-breaking, dangerous work with little rest and no holidays or retirement at the end of it. That’s why they desperately need our support.


Other frustrations include colleagues who are difficult to work with or who suck up to the boss, and those who take credit for work they didn’t do, unrealistic deadlines, ‘meetings about meetings’, office jargon and everyone ignoring a ringing phone can also make work life irritating.

Embarrassing team building exercises are another gripe, having to engage in small talk and being asked to desk share.

Researchers also found one in 20 people will start moaning the minute they step foot in the office, we all know this person. And seven in 10 admitted they often feel irritable at work.

Now where was I? Who turned the air con on?!

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