We Spoke To One Of Britain’s Youngest Urban Explorers


Urban explorer Ally Law posted this awesome video on Monday, showing his escapades inside an abandoned shopping centre.

After posting the footage to his YouTube channel, showing him exploring the ghostly remains of the Bargate Shopping Centre in Southampton, it – understandably – started to go viral.

We got in touch with Ally – who turned 19 just last week – to see exactly what it is that inspires him to visit places few others would dare to venture.


He told us he first got into urban exploring a few years ago, but his life was a lot different before he found his new hobby:

I was in a bit of a weird place in my early teens – up until I was 16 I was hooked on an online game and would spend about 15 hours a day on it.

I was seriously overweight and I just really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life.

Ally Law

He originally started free running as a way to get out of the house, lose some weight and get fit, and it was through this that he gained an interest in exploring places that not many people get to see.

He told us: “I think it’s just that urge we all have as a kid to go somewhere we shouldn’t be.”

Ally grew up in Southampton and is actually a qualified carpenter, but he says it’s not something he’s interested in pursuing at the moment – he currently just about gets by, earning money from his videos.

Ally Law

Although he’s not sure how many abandoned places he’s visited – he admits he couldn’t even give a rough estimate as he doesn’t keep count – there is one place that sticks in his memory as a particular favourite:

I explored this really cool abandoned hospital in London. It had such a creepy vibe to it.

It’s a funny story really, we didn’t actually intend on exploring the inside. We got a bit stuck on the roof after the metal beam we climbed up broke, but we found this really small open window and managed to squeeze through it.

Ally Law

As for the Bargate Centre, Ally said he had been itching to go there ever since it was abandoned, as he used to go there as a kid.

He got up onto the main part of the roof by climbing a big metal drainpipe, and when asked if he wished he’d worn gloves due to the sheer amount of bird shit present he said:

It didn’t even cross my mind the place would be covered in so much poo, it was disgusting. It probably would’ve been wise to wear gloves but I’ve not turned into a zombie yet so I think I’m all good!

Ally Law

Awesome work Ally! Just remember the gloves next time…

You can check out his other videos via his YouTube channel and also through his Facebook page.