We Spoke To Victim Of Shocking Post-Brexit Arson Attack

arson2Facebook/Ewa Banaszak

Since the EU referendum and slim Brexit majority, some very ugly pockets of society have exposed themselves and their hideously prejudicial politics.

Reports of migrants and citizens of non-white ethnicity being abused verbally and physically have alarmingly spiked, and we have spoken to one such victim.

Ewa Banaszak, originally from Poland but living in the UK for the past nine years, was left stunned when her family were subjected to a disgusting arson attack.

On Wednesday July 6 someone entered her family’s garden in Plymouth, torched their shed and left a disturbing message telling them to leave.

This is what has happened to our family last night !! This is so sad and disturbing to go through… Especially that we…

Posted by Ewa Banaszak on Thursday, July 7, 2016

22-year-old Ewa told us:

What was burned was a shed in the back garden, and we had bikes in there, garden tools and some business bags. We have used it mainly to keep our belongings in there.

We’ve had some abuse before but it was only verbal, never actions. We had people saying ‘go back to your country, you don’t belong here, you should be here, you have no rights to live in this country’ and so on.

Since sharing images of the shocking scene on Facebook, Ewa’s post has been shared over 10,000 times in a bid to highlight the disgraceful underbelly of society that has become bolder in recent weeks.

ewa1Facebook/Ewa Banaszak

This type of incident can’t be tolerated, or justified in any way.

If you believe ‘you took the country back’ on June 23, as Nigel Farage wanted Brexiters to believe, ask yourself is this really the future you wanted – racists and xenophobes terrorising innocent people?

Whichever way you voted, the nation needs to unite and refuse to accept hatred in all its forms to stop families such as Ewa’s being subjected to such abhorrent hate crimes in the future.