Weather Channel Releases Chilling Message For People In Path Of Hurricane

by : Francesca Donovan on : 07 Oct 2016 13:56

An American weather channel has issued an urgent warning stating that people must flee Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade.

Senior hurricane specialist Brian Norcross broadcast his warning to his ‘friends in Florida’ on behalf of The Weather Channel, saying that ‘Hurricane Matthew will go down in history.’

The special message is directed at individuals living in the path of Hurricane Matthew who have reportedly decided to ignore mandatory evacuation orders and ride the storm out.


Norcross says:

I cannot overstate the danger of this storm.

Central and North Florida have never been hit by a storm this strong.

Do not assume you can survive if you choose to stay. There will be overwhelming damage and likely a heart-breaking loss of life.


Hurricane Matthew is a storm like ‘No storm in the record books’, according to Norcross. Its winds are forecast to climb to 160mph and tornadoes are predicted.

The Category 4 storm has already ripped through Haiti, cutting the island in half. Tragically, the death toll has reached over 300 people.

It is believed Matthew will hit the Florida coast at about 11am (GMT) this morning. The Telegraph reports that evacuation figures are ‘worryingly low’, particularly in areas forecast to be worst hit such as Jacksonville.


Community hurricane shelters are reaching full capacity and desperate residents are being turned away.

And ever a reliable and ethical news source, Fox News anchor Shep Smith has also delivered his own misguided and frankly, disgraceful warnings, asking residents to ‘try not to perish’ because he has a wedding to go to.


Smith continued with his insensitive and morbid warning.


Perhaps this tool forgot that people have already died at the hands of this natural disaster and left his respect at home.

Our thoughts are with Haiti at this devastating time, and with the people of Florida.

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