Weather Presenter Squeezes Harry Potter Puns Into 70-Second Report


When it comes to puns, UK weather presenter Sian Welby is an absolute machine.

The Channel 5 forecaster previously wowed viewers with Star Wars and Batman v Superman pun-filled weather updates, and now she’s turned her attention to everyone’s favourite boy wizard.

The weather forecaster joined the team on London’s Capital Breakfast this morning to give a punny wizarding world-themed report in time for tonight’s preview of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

During the appearance, Welby was challenged to give a weather update packed with as many Harry Potter puns as she could manage – and, boy, did she manage.

From what we can hear, Welby managed to squeeze at least 13 puns into her 70-second report – but there may have been more under all the laughing in the background.

Our favourite has to be: “In between some of those sunny spells a few showers will Slytherin.”

From ‘Sirius Black’ clouds to Weasley weather, her brilliant live report was a right treat for Harry Potter fans.