Website Makes Light Of Refugee Crisis By Ranking ‘Hot’ Syrian Women

Instagram/Syrian Girls

There’s been some quite awful “hot takes” on the Syrian refugee crisis but ranking female migrants by their levels of attractiveness and determining whether that means they’re worthy of a place in your country, may be the worst yet.

It sounds like a parody – not least because they site describes the lovely ladies as “Syria-sly hot” – but this is an actual, genuine post from the Daily Caller – a politically conservative website set up by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

This, apparently, is how certain Republicans respond to U.S. governors ignorantly claiming they no longer wanted to resettle refugees after the Paris attacks.

Not, pointing out that those fleeing Syria are also trying to escape Islamic State terrorists. No – fit women, that’ll solve the xenophobia, everyone!

Instagram/The DC

But good news for these attractive women – who may or may not be Syrian – who have seemingly been deemed attractive enough to be granted refugee status in America.

I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. Almost as thrilled as they’ll be when they find out DC hijacked their nice Instagram account for political means.