Website Promised To Show Live Footage Of 7 ISIS Militants Being Tortured And Murdered

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2015 17:23

An anonymous Dark Net website became an Internet sensation this week, after it promised to show a livestream of ISIS militants being tortured and murdered.


The site, called ‘ISIS red room’, managed to highlight the dark side of the Internet and the people who frequent it, with thousands lining up to potentially watch the brutal footage.

It promised to show viewers seven Islamic State jihadists being tortured and murdered. In a final insult, the militants would have been forced to wear women’s clothing, The Daily Dot reported.

The anonymous people behind the site made no explanation of who they were, or how they’d managed to capture seven ISIS members. But they did promise a ‘free, BRUTAL, live’ stream of the torture of the militants that the whole world could tune in to.

ISIS red room screenshotISIS red room screenshotISIS red room - screenshot of the site from Thursday evening via Daily Dot

Some people vocally opposed what the site planned to do, on the grounds that ‘taking pleasure in the suffering of others makes you as bad as ISIS.’ Either way, there was a lot of curiosity about whether he site would follow through on its claims.

But the livestream, scheduled for Thursday at 8pm ET (midnight, GMT), didn’t happen, as the site went down shortly before the scheduled start time.

Whether the site was taken down by a DDoS attack – as had been promised by hackers – or that it was all a hoax from the start, no one knows.

What is clear, though, is that there’s a bloodthirsty appetite on the Internet for seeing ISIS members humiliated, tortured and killed.

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    Dark Net site promised to livestream torture and execution of 7 ISIS jihadists