Wedding Guest Dies After Accidentally Being Shot In The Head During Celebrations

LiveLeak News/YouTube

A wedding guest has reportedly died after being accidentally shot in the head during celebrations.

According to LiveLeak the incident took place following a wedding ceremony in Iraq.

The footage opens with guests cheering and clapping, and one guest begins to discharge rounds from an automatic rifle into the air.

The scene quickly turns to horror after the man with the gun appears to lose control of the weapon, shooting a man in the back of the head.

The unidentified man then falls to the ground with other guests heard screaming in panic.

Warning Graphic Content.

Incredibly this type of incident is all too common.

The Mirror reports that in 2012 more than 20 women and children died after gunfire brought down an electric cable at a wedding in Saudi Arabia.

In France a woman died in June of this year as celebrating wedding guests fired guns in the street. The woman was struck in the head and died in hospital.

Clearly it is not only the US that needs to address the issue of gun control.