Welcome To The World Of ‘Fish Bra’, The Latest Bizarre Viral Trend

fish1Kieron Curtis | UNILAD

Viral trends are intriguing beasts, often physically treacherous or a needless means of judging others, but this one is certainly different.

Women who like to go fishing are at the root of this latest social media pastime, and all it requires is that they showcase their catch online.

Say hello to the world of ‘fish bra’, where women go topless but preserve their modesty using freshly caught fish…

@meganambrosee rocks #fishbraperfection

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@thisiselyse throws up a legendary #fishbra #fishbraperfection

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@44doubletrouble45 with #fishbraperfection

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The trend doesn’t necessarily require you to go topless, with numerous women opting instead to craftily hide their bra, or bikini top from view with all sorts of marine life.

And it is proving popular online, with the Instagram account ‘fishbras‘ already boasting over 100,000 followers.

@ash_tay03 with #fishbraperfection

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"Who needs Victories Secret, when you can just rock a fish bra!" – @soulfishingash #fishbraperfection

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@deannakitto doubling up with #fishbraperfection

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There is a definite lack of male participation so far, but who knows, maybe a ‘codpiece’ trend isn’t too far behind…


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