We’re About To Find Out If Nazi Gold Train Actually Exists



One of the great unsolved mysteries of the Second World War may be one step closer to being uncovered, as excavators have begun digging to find a Nazi gold train.

The researchers excavating in Walbrzych, Poland are hoping to uncover the secrets of the legendary gold train, which is believed to hold a whole host of hidden treasure including gold, jewellery and artworks stolen by Nazis and buried at the end of WWII.


Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter, who reported finding the train, started their final dig this morning at 7am local time, The Mirror reports.

Using heavy equipment, the team began digging for the hidden railway, which they claimed last year to have uncovered in an underground chamber.


However, the project has caused controversy among experts who claim that the tunnel may exist but there was no evidence of a Nazi gold train on it, something Koper and Richter deny.

In their study, the pair found some anomalies in the soil, which could possibly indicate the existence of a train.


Rumours have been going on for some time in the region that a train was packed with Nazi gold and the like, which was being moved back to Berlin.

However, Polish troops scoured the ground in Autumn 2015 with explosive-detecting devices and they found sweet FA, so it still remains rather unclear whether the train actually exists.


Hopefully, this progress will finally see this mystery settled once and for all.